017: Did The School Call Today? Parenting Personal Growth.

017: Did the school call you today?    Not too many people talk about parenting as a spiritual practice - let alone how we grow as individuals once our children start school.    I mean that seems to be when the ‘real world’ problems come to life, right?    What do you do when your child has severe social anxiety?    What do you do if your child has low self esteem and/or bullied?    What if you’re getting calls from the school and no one is giving to ‘advice’ on how to fix the situation? Then what?    Not to mention the jammed packed schedule. When do you even have time to care about these problems? HOW do you create time?      SHOW LINKS:    Book: The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali      Join us on the private FB group.      UPCOMING EVENTS:    Design the life you crave Workshop     

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