009: If it’s not working… let it go.

POINT 1: Get clear on your values and lead from that place.    I see so many women lead from a place of fear and never truly feel in alignment in their lives. They value honesty and yet they are never honest with themselves.    When you’re clear on how you want to raise your children, show up in your marriage, feel when you work — you can start to take actions that align with your values.    POINT 2: Opportunities in life come with personal development, not with degrees.    It doesn’t matter how much education you have or big your student loan is… happiness comes from within, now how powerful your position is at your job.    We create the opportunities we desire.  We create the energy we fuel within our bodies.  We create our home environment but how we individually energetically show up.    Do the work and show up daily.    POINT 3: Stop, reassess and take different action.  When something feels off, imbalanced, uneasy we need to STOP and reconsider what it is we are trying to achieve. If it’s just hard but we’re getting results, keep going.    If it’s hard and you’re not getting the results you desire - redesign the plan and take different action.    QUESTION OF THE DAY:  What is it that you want to create? Lean in and trust the process.    CHALLENGE OF THE DAY:  What action do you need to take today? One that you have been resisting?  Pick one person in your local community that you want to connect with. Reach out and connect to them.      QUOTE OF THE DAY:   “ When we are actually listening and taking action, that’s when the good shit happens.”    Like the Facebook fan page.    Join Our Private FB Group - Mom Is In Control Village.    Mark Newman: Ten Percent.      Teach Your Kid To Meditate.  www.members.heatherchauvin.com    PROMO CODE: MOMISINCONTROL  Receive 50% off.      Have a personal question?  Have a story you want to share send me a personal email heather@heatherchauvin.com 

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