008: The process of upleveling your life.

POINT 1: The circle of I’m not good enough.    Unconscious belief —g Thoughts —g Action —g Reality (want you want/what you don't want).    POINT 2: Talk to your fear.    What is your fear trying to tell you?  Connect to your fear. Write fear a letter.    Example: Dear fear… Why are you here? What are you trying to tell me? What do you need from me?      POINT 3: Disrupt the system by taking different action.  When unleveling your body is trying to keep you safe. Discomfort is natural. Keep going. Rest, listen and take small consistent action.      QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Are you letting fear run your life?      CHALLENGE OF THE DAY:  Connect to your truth and take one action to live your life from THAT place, not your fear.      QUOTE OF THE DAY:   “ If you are focusing your attention on what you do want, the Universe is listening.”      Like the Facebook fan page.  Join Our Private FB Group - Mom Is In Control Village.    TODAY'S SHOW SPONSOR   Teach Your Kid To Meditate.  www.members.heatherchauvin.com    g PROMO CODE: MOMISINCONTROL Receive 50% off.      Have a personal question?  Have a story you want to share, reach out send me a personal email heather@heatherchauvin.com    HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THE SHOW?    Please give us a kind review on itunes, share with a friend or your community :)   

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