Detective Perspective

In this episode, while the timeline of Alissa's case is paused I speak with retired detective, Todd McComas who shares his thoughts and experiences as they relate to Alissa's case. If you have not listened to the rest of the episodes, I definitely recommend going back and listening to episodes 1-24 before listening to this episode, or it just won't make sense. For more information about Alissa Turney's case, visit or Don't forget to follow me on social media under SarahETurney Check out Todd's work at And listen to his podcast, 10-41 with Todd McComas Join the Patreon family for even more documents, information, and audio about Alissa's case that I couldn't fit into the podcast. Get exclusive Justice for Alissa merchandise and more! Voices for Justice is a podcast that uses adult language and discusses sensitive and potentially triggering topics including violence, abuse, and murder. This podcast may not be appropriate for younger audiences. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Some names have been changed or omitted per their request or for safety purposes. Listener discretion is advised.  The introduction music used in Voices for Justice is Thread of Clouds by Blue Dot Sessions. Outro music is Melancholic Ending by Soft and Furious. The track used for ad transitions is Pinky by Blue Dot Sessions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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