Transpired: Helping the Transgender Community and Those That Love Them

Join Kristin as she welcomes Seth Carlson and his new podcast, Transpired, to Mental Health News Radio Network.  Seth draws upon his own personal experiences as well as the experiences of those he mentors within the transgender community and brings a whole new type of voice to our ever-growing network of podcasts.  In this episode, Seth shares some of what is to come on his new podcast that is catering not only to those who are transgender but also to those who are allies, those who know and care about someone who is transgender, and even those who simply wish to understand more about the transgender life experience.  He shares a few brief experiences that give a bit of insight into the difficulties that transgender individuals experience that the cisgender population quite often just isn't able to understand through experience.  Seth Carlson is a freelance writer, a musician, speaker from North Carolina. He is a post-surgery transgender man who remains on hormones. He is notably known as “The Trans Life Coach” in and around the community, where he offers one-on-one mentoring sessions for transgender youth and adults alike.

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