Student Mental Health Summit with Matt Alley

Tune in to hear what the state of Michigan is doing to provide Mental Health services to all of their secondary schools. It's much needed and we hope other states follow their lead!Matt is the Director of Student Services for MASSP and MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership. Our student association facilitates over 30 programs and events a year, working with hundreds of schools and over 10,000 students from across the state of Michigan. Matt graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and with a Master of Arts in Counseling. Matt and his wife, Riley, are the proud parents of four wonderful children (debatable depending on the day): Auden, Laken, Reddick and Sutter. event is the first summit and SOLD OUT! We are excited to participate with Dr. Lisa Day, Frank King, Sahen Garcia and Kristin Sunanta Walker talking about Social Media Addiction!

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