The Healing Room: How Do Healers Heal Themselves?

How do people in the healing profession work on their own healing? Are they the proverbial "worst patient" when it comes to their own healing? How hard is it for the shaman (known as the wounded healer) to receive their own healing?Let's start by acknowledging that most healers or shamans do not see themselves as "healers". They help facilitate healing - your healing. They are a skilled practitioner in the healing arts guiding their clients or patients towards their own healing powers. As an example, they do not run around telling everyone who will listen that they are Healed and a Healer nor would they state they have Healed anyone. This is called arrogance which is not the way of any shaman. Join Martha Juchnowski and Kristin Walker as they discuss what it means to be in the healing arts and their own journeys with receiving their own healing.Martha is a registered nurse, psychic medium, and spiritual healing facilitator.

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