Positive Media: Are We Ready?

Join Kristin Walker and Karl Stedman as they discuss how positive media can help all of us improve our mental well being.PSTV started because of a text. A text from Karl Stedman’s mom. What was the text? Simply a positive quote but it provided a moment of clarity.How little positive news are we exposed to during our days? More importantly, How much negative media are we exposed to? Those two questions led to the creation of PSTV. When we began researching, it was worse than we thought. Over 90% of media consumed is negative. Even worse, there is significant data linking negative media consumption and depression/suicide. How have we missed something so glaringly obvious? We have become so careful about our nutrition. About positive lifestyle habits. About exercise. So why do we slow drip poison into our minds with negative media?We created PSTV to give people a platform, where they can stay informed on the world without the constant negative media.We are going to solve the negative media crisis.How are we going to fight the negativity?We are going to change people’s perception. Bare with me, this is going to get abstract. Our perception is our reality. How we see things and the opinions we attach to the things we see determines our world. So what does a negative perception do to your world? We can tell you. Due to confirmation bias, you focus on the parts of your life which confirm your world view.In this case, where your mind has been saturated with negative content, you notice the negatives. You only remember the driver giving you the bird on the freeway. You only remember Chicago is a dangerous place because of a news clip you saw. You only remember that the economy might go down, or unemployment rates may increase.What do you miss? You miss that lifespan has been steadily increasing year over year. You miss that quality of life increases. Child mortality decreases. Global wealth increases. Technology dramatically changing and improving our lives! On a small scale, you don’t give much weight to the cashier who gave you a genuine compliment. Or a nice conversation you had with a close friend.www.pstvtoday.com

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