A Root Cause of False Accusations with Veronica Conway

Join Veronica Conway and Kristin Walker on what was supposed to be a show about racism and the danger of making false accusations. The pendulum swing we are all experiencing in this post #metoo movement era is at times awe inspiring. False accusations around racism, sexism: abuse of any kind don't help the very causes we've all been fighting to be taken seriously. The topic started as one specifically about what happens and how damaging it is for everyone when a false accusation is made but who largely makes them? Our conversation moved towards the root causes of false accusations. We find the toxic underbelly of narcissistic personality disorder and delve into this in depth. We also share how vital it is for empaths to stand together against this behavior. Read into the deeper meaning and take stock of the pathology and history behind emotional predators. These predatory people cry victim better than the actual victims of their behavior and their histories of abuse with many people and organizations speak to the very nature of behavior they work hard to keep under wraps. Veronica Conway, CPCC -Often dubbed “The Secret Weapon” by her clients, Veronica is an award winning entrepreneur and founder of three coaching companies, including the Black Professional Coaches Alliance, the world’s first coaching organization dedicated to the transformation of people of African descent. She is also the founder of the Black Mastery Word Summit, the first a largest digital gathering of Black thought leaders. Veronica works with business owners (startups or seasoned), executives, influencers, and other peak performers that want to transform mental internal barriers that prevent them from realizing their greatest financial and personal potential. Veronica is the only expert offering YOU: Unleashed!, a step by step coaching program that facilitates participants in creating a massive leveraged outcome in 90 days. She has coached everyone from truck drivers to CEO’s, athletes, artists and celebrities. Veronica has more than 7000 hours of personal, business and financial coaching experience. She specializes in proven technologies that create accelerated performance and an unprecedented competitive advantage.A dynamic and provocative keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator, she has consistently impacted national audiences with her playful, edgy and transformative presentation style. She has spoken to groups such as Chevron Texaco, the NBA, FraserNet, the National Black MBA’s, The National Urban League, and many others. She has served as the Official Conference Coach at numerous national conferences.Veronica’s client roster includes Dell, Nike, the NBA, the Kellogg Foundation, the City of Oakland, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, The United Way, Triumph Technologies, The Maya Angelou Charter School, and many others. She has created revolutionary programs that have transformed the finances of low income, inner city clients, as well as the bottom lines of multimillion-dollar companies.Veronica is the creator of the ground breaking program The Black Mastery Success Program, the first audio program designed to reprogram negative cultural conditioning in Black people. She is the co-creator and co-author of The African American Guide to Business and Personal Success, as well as the author of the cutting edge manifesto “The Black Paper.” She has blogged for The Huffington Post. She has been a regular commentator on The Zo What Morning Show and the Voice of Reason radio show.Veronica is a certified coach, as well as a certified hypno-therapist and master certified NLP practitioner. She is a Master Business and Financial coach, a seasoned facilitator and a certified mediator. She is a founding member of the International Association of Financial Sports and Celebrity Advisors. She has served on the national steering committee of the National Cares Mentoring Movement, which was founded by Susan Taylor, Chairman Emeritus, Essence Magazine. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.She enjoys her sane and thoughtful adult children, Jordan and Jake.www.veronicaconway.com

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