Women Who Lead: Abby Wambach and The Power of the Wolfpack

Much of what's been propagated by society about Wolves has to do with being alone. The "lone wolf" who is thrown to the pack and comes back leading it. Not so. The wolf is a pack animal and each position in the pack strengthens the survivability and thrivability of the pack as whole. The leadership is shared by each member of the pack. Women in leadership positions take note that rising as a pack in family systems, work systems, friendships - all strengthen the wolf packs in their lives. Join Catherine Limpo and Kristin Walker as they delve into this new way of looking at strength and female power.Kristin is the founder and CEO of Mental Health News Radio Network and CEO of everythingEHR. Over the course of her career as a technology consultant she has worked with some of the largest organizations in the world. Catherine Greer Limpo has and does work in high level executive positions in many industries, including those that are still heavily male dominated. She has a unique perspective about how things have changed for women in leadership and shares her knowledge and experience with the listeners of our show.

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