The Feeling Life with David Klugman: Empathy

A new series on Mental Health News Radio called The Feeling Life with David Klugman is introduced on this show. We talk about many things including women and empathy. Are women naturally more empathic than men? What did the #metoo movement do to help us or hinder us in moving forward? What was the original premise of feminism? How did we get things right and not so right?David completed his undergraduate work at Bennington College, after which he took a Masters in English and Creative Writing at Johns Hopkins University. While working on his Ph.D. at Rice, however, David experienced a turn in his path and left academia to start a business in the so-called real world. All things being equal, David returned to University several years later, in his late twenties - this time to Columbia, where he took an MS in Social Work. Since that time David has been a practicing psychotherapist, trained in a variety of traditions including intensive practical studies and applications in psychosynthesis and psychoanalysis. In addition to the many peer reviewed articles David has published over the years, he is currently at work on completing the third book of a trilogy, entitled, Changing Thoughtforms: A Study in Imagination and the Repression of the Obvious.David works in Nyack, NY where he also lives with his beloved wife and daughter.

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