Is Narcissism Psychological Viagra?

One of the most damaging psychological mechanisms a narcissist may use in his/her tormented tool chest is sex.THE PROMISE OF ITTHE MECHANICAL ACTION OF ITTHE WITHHOLDING OF ITWe carefully use the word sex in relation to what happens because, to the narcissist, the beautiful act of making love is an impossibility. Sex is one of their most powerful weapons of your mass destruction. If you are a highly-empathic person with an abundance of compassion, an intoxicating imagination, and issues around appropriate boundaries, you are the perfect meal for the emotional impotence of a narcissist.On this episode of Mental Health News Radio the author and counselor, Andrea Schneider, joins host Kristin Walker to discuss the relationship between narcissism and sex. In her book, Soul Vampires: Reclaiming Your Lifeblood After Narcissistic Abuse, Andrea takes readers on a journey through the phases of the romantic journey with a narcissist. She shares her expertise with us on the show and in co-writing the blog article to accompany this highly charged subject. You won't want to miss the full blog article

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