Made of Millions: Finding Solace from OCD and Intrusive Thoughts

Our guest, Aaron Harvey, started an organization - Made of Millions Foundation - after living most of his life with intrusive thoughts that he later found out was a type of OCD (Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder).“Made of Millions Foundation provides a community to those dealing with mental health issues,” said Aaron Harvey, Co-Founder and CCO of Ready Set Rocket and Founder of Made of Millions. “Our partnership with Health Media Network allows us to empower patients with insight, relatable stories and a community that supports mental health recovery. We believe that education can affect positive change through the communities we build, and getting information to a qualified audience is critical to realizing that change.”Launched in October 2018, Made of Millions is a DIY advocacy platform with the mission of turning mental health survivors into mental health advocates. Made of Millions takes a no BS approach to mental health in order to empower individuals with information that helps them fight stigma, take control of their recovery and begin making incremental progress in their local communities.Founded by mental health advocate Aaron Harvey and his co-founder Rose Cartwright, UK-based advocate, author of PURE, Made of Millions connects people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and religions and is specifically for the creator class — those who want to use their skills for good. It will serve as a global call to action, urging survivors and advocates to incite local change through media, art and design.The Made of Millions website itself is a destination where sufferers can go to not only access and upload country-specific resources, like emergency helplines, support groups, nonprofits, and other mental health services, but find a community of people who are looking to listen, learn and grow together. Users can discuss their personal advocacy progress, and coach one another into making further strides at home, school, work and beyond.Each month, the Made of Millions platform will honor mental health changemakers online and off through editorialized issues that hit on five key pillars—work, school, family, faith and

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