Psychotherapy Group Support for Narcissistic Abuse

Join Kate Smith and Kristin Sunanta Walker as they discuss how vital a support group for survivors of narcissistic abuse can be during your healing process. Individual and group psychotherapy with women. Areas of specialization include depression and anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, and relational issues; with a special interest in trauma and trauma related issues; particularly where there is narcissistic wounding and codependency. Group support/psychotherapy with narcissistic survivors of abuse. Specialized training in clinical hypnotherapy and yoga, Kate is a registered yoga teacher and devoted student of Ayurveda.Kate helped to develop and co-facilitated the Discovering the Healthy Self Workshops for many years with Eleanor Payson, LMSW, ACSE, author of The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists and Discovering The Healthy Self, and Meaningful Resistance To Toxic Narcissism. She is passionate about treating women who suffer from the complicated issues of narcissistic wounding, focusing on uncovering the problems and dilemmas this unique population

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