Be Awesome: The Message in the Bottle with Stephanie B. McAuliffe

Join Dr. Kristina Hallett and Kristin Walker with their guest Stephanie B. McAuliffe to discuss her book and her work. We do many shows about addiction and recovery. Not enough, however, about the partners of those in recovery. On this Be Awesome series episode we take a deep dive into the work that goes into recovery for those of us who have lived with an alcoholic. About Stephanie B. McAuliffeI am a truth-seeker and personal archaeologist. Just before Hurricane Sandy, my world was turned upside down when my husband entered rehab for alcoholism.I knows firsthand what life is like living with the chaos of this disease and how deeply it affects families, often many generations back. I use my expertise in identifying and putting together the pieces of the puzzle to understand our intricate ties. Our families shape our identity, yet we are not our stories.I believe there is power in giving a voice to our stories and more importantly in understanding the "why" behind them. I believe there should be no shame in giving them a voice and am living proof that in voicing them we can finally let them go. I am guided by my values of honesty, integrity, truth and love. My path now leads me to one of being of service. I seek to help people uncover and tell their truth, and to connect on a different level. I am a living example that we can heal and clear the energy passed from prior generations, break the cycle, and in the process uncover the greatness of who we are meant to be.

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