From the Archives: Why Do Victims of Narcissistic Abuse Blame Themselves?

The show everyone has been waiting for. Join our frequent and most popular guest Christine Louis de Canonville, author of The Three Faces of Evil, Michelle Mallon, faculty at Ohio State University, and Andrea Schneider, MSW, LCSW.Three leading educators about Narcissistic Victim Syndrome. We discuss Christine's book which is set to publish and be available on Amazon in May of 2015, the most common question asked by all survivors of this form of abuse, and what's in store for the future regarding the pandemic: Narcissistic, Pychopathic, and Sociopathic abuse.Editors note: On the show we state that Christine Louis de Canonville has a Masters in Medical Anthropology. This is incorrect. Please visit the blog article for the correction. We also mention that Michelle Mallon is a professor at Ohio State University. She is a teacher and on the faculty. Thank you and we regret the error.

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