Empowered Empaths: Walls Versus Boundaries

Join podcasters Melanie Vann and Kristin Sunanta Walker for a discussion on our popular series, Empowered Empaths, about the difference between Walls and Boundaries. We've used the term "Shields Up" in order to align ourselves with protection. This is an interesting stage on your road to recovery. After a while those "shields" or walls don't need to stay up as they are replaced by healthy and firm boundaries. We do agree, however, that walls are necessary and no contact is a vital part of the healing process when it comes to narcissistic abuse. Melanie Vann is the Program Director of Mental Health News Radio. She also hosts Memoirs of Madness on the network and is the owner of Your Wise Therapist, LLC.Kristin Sunanta Walker is the founder and CEO of MHNR Network, host of Mental Health News Radio, and CEO of everythingEHR.

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