Eyes Wide Open: Look for 7 Warning Signs You Are Dealing with Nefarious People

You live and learn, often from nefarious people. Join Stephen Kavalkovich of Rescue the Rescuer and Kristin Walker as they discuss the widely downloaded YouTube video about people with evil intent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl1-hi43QT0afeature=youtu.be1. They mislead you - lying, mixing untruths with truth in order to confuse.2. Victimhood - they could be sitting in prison for lying to authorities or worse, far worse but somehow their life choices become your fault.3. They are not sorry - Not for you. Only for themselves and that they got caught.4. They love controlling people - Lying takes a tremendous amount of effort and is used to control information to best serve their needs. Sociopaths want a roof over their head, food to eat, and place to hide from bills such as child support, and a ton of praise by willing and unwilling partners as well as the public.5. Always denying things - Gaslighting and word salad. You'll notice that people go to war for them in defense. This chaos is created on purpose through their crocodile tears and denials of the truth. Drama and chaos surround them wherever they go and a long list of debts that will never be repaid.6. They steal your time - Your emotional capital, your financial resources, your time. Two toxic people together - Double the trouble for eveyone in their ever shrinking sphere of influence. 7. People warn you about them - Family members, old associates, former friends, current partners who often recant will warn you to stay away.Keep your eyes Wide Open.www.mhnrnetwork.com

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