Deep Mindfulness Collective with Rakhel Shapiro

Rakhel Shapiro has over a decade of dedicated mindfulness practice in the insight meditation and Unified Mindfulness traditions. Her approach draws from Shinzen Young’s "four quadrants" of practice: to appreciate self and world, transcend self and world, transform self and world, and express the benefits of practice in our thoughts, words, and actions. She balances an insight/liberation driven focus with cultivation of deep caring, empowering students to transcend unnecessary suffering, and nourish connected and meaningful lives.Rakhel specializes in one-on-one Meditation Mentorship for emotional and relational intelligence, living by authentic values, and deep insight practice. Her work is informed by specialized training in attachment-oriented mindfulness practices and Motivational Interviewing.Rakhel is a certified Meditation Mentor through Mettagroup and Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, and a teacher in Shinzen's Unified Mindfulness system. She holds a BA with Highest Honors from Vassar College, and is currently a PhD student in clinical psychology at Long Island University - Brooklyn.

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