Brain Balance: Creating Synergy in the Brains of Autistic Children

Dr. Victoria Naumann joins us live from the Converge Autism conference by Springbrook Behavioral Health in Greenville, South Carolina. She is the Executive Director a Owner of Greenville's Brain Balance center and an exhibitor of this event. She stops by the media room to discuss how her center works with all children including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.Dr. Naumann became part of the Brain Balance team in 2008 .  Her background in health care as a chiropractic neurologist and the training she has had with Dr. Robert Melillo led her leave the health care field and focus on children with challenges.  She has never looked back and seeing children go from can’t do to can do during their sessions at Brain Balance is the reason. Along with being part of the Greenville, Charlotte and Cornelius Brain Balance Centers Dr. Naumann also enjoys her family, being outside with horses, and furthering her knowledge about neurology.

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