Bonus Episode: Stephanie Bauer and Buddy Day Talk The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell

John and Daryn discuss Susan Cox Powell's disappearance with investigative journalist Stephanie Bauer, and Buddy Day, the Executive Producer of Oxygen's The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell. The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell airs on Oxygen on Saturday May 4th 7/6C. Debunk the mystery of what happened when John, Daryn and Matt The Bartender meet their “biggest fan” yet. Download our YARN story here: Shop for Martinis and Murder merch at Want to join our facebook group? Clink the Link to chat with John, Daryn, and other Martinis and Murder fans! Follow Matt The Bartender on Instagram: @Matt_The_Bartender Follow John: @jthrasher on Twitter, @jthrasher on Instagram Follow Daryn: @CarpeDaryn on Twitter, @CarpeDaryn on Instagram Mail: You can send us things! Send all mail to: Martinis a Murder Oxygen Media 30 Rockefeller Plaza 12th Floor New York, NY 10112  Hotline: The Martinis and Murder Hotline is live! Call us at 212-664-2072 to leave voicemails, feedback, questions, comments, martini recipes, case suggestions, or to yell at Matt! All we need is your first name, last initial, and where you’re from (city and state). Please note that your submission constitutes permission to use your message on the podcast. Must be 18 or older! Subscribe to Martinis a Murder for new episodes every week!

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