The Fake Beard Bandit

On October 20, 2007, just outside of Toronto’s city limits, 26 year old Brett Ryan would rob his first bank. Disguised in hospital bandages, he handed the teller a note that read “Stay calm. I have a gun in the sling,” referencing the fake arm cast he wore, fastened from a strap around his neck. This is the story of a seemingly average college student that had every opportunity to reach true success in life, but was only interested in taking shortcuts in order to get there. Brett Ryan was unwilling to accept a life of mediocrity and was willing to do anything it took to portray a lap of luxury that he never truly earned... but how long can one person keep up with living a lie? Ryan became so obsessed with creating the persona of a successful young professional that he eventually became unable to differentiate reality from his fantasy. They say “the truth will set you free,” but Brett Ryan was a prisoner of his own mind...and the steel trap of secrets he so desperately tried to keep locked away would eventually be exposed, by his own family.    Written by Michael Dunphy Jr., Executive Produced by Michael Ojibway.    This episode of Invisible Choir is proudly sponsored by Best Fiends. Download this fun and exciting puzzle adventure game on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.    Invisible Choir Premium  Enjoy over 100 premium minisodes and additional bonus content for just $5 per month! Sign up today at    Visit Invisible Choir on the web:  Patreon - Invisible Choir Premium:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:   Written/Audio Sources:  Brett Ryan: Bank robber, crossbow killer jailed for life for killing family Triple crossbow killings at Toronto bungalow linked to bomb threat at downtown condo The untold story of accused ‘crossbow killer’ Brett Ryan’s robbery spree The untold story of the notorious crossbow killer Parole board praised triple-murder accused’s bond with family Brett Ryan’s friends struggle to comprehend family's slaying Reddit: Why did Brett Ryan kill his family? : UnresolvedMysteries Police make arrest in 'Fake Beard Bandit' case Crossbow killer Brett Ryan murdered family to hide his deceit Causality Scarborough, Toronto TorontoPolice Update on Homicides 45, 46, a 47/2016 | D/Sgt. Mike Carbone Video: Three killed in apparent crossbow attack in Scarborough Deadly crossbow attack: First-degree murder charges laid in Toronto Video: Police continue to investigate suspected crossbow attack Video: Three killed in apparent crossbow attack in Scarborough Crossbow killer - Brett Ryan - sentenced to life no parole A Lie To Die For E12 Killing Off My Past - video Dailymotion Murderer Given Light Sentence To 'Find The Right Path' | A Lie to Die For | Oxygen Police Grab Murderer Outside A Bank He Decided Not to Rob | A Lie to Die For | Oxygen   Music a Sound Effect Sources Opening Track: “Recognition” by Jay Varton Closing Track: “The Quiet Dark” by Moments    Music a Sound Effect Sources All music and sound effects used with express permission under unlimited blanket license authority from Epidemic Sound ® and SoundStripe ®.  Individual sources are available via request at

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