Rework Mailbag 3

Behold the wonder of raclette - 00:59

Looking for a calm company while job searching - 2:33

How a business that deals with clients can work more calmly - 4:24

The 37signals manifesto - 6:03

Applying calm principles in a school setting - 8:40

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say most schools start too early - 10:24

Alfie Kohn’s website. DHH recommends Punished by Rewards and The Myth of the Spoiled Child - 11:50

How to start a calm company when there’s limited runway - 13:51

Listen to our previous episode, “You Need Less Than You Think“ - 16:11

How Basecamp recovers from periods of non-calm - 19:05

Healthy ways for co-founders or partners to disagree - 22:56

J.P. Graziano, the Italian sub shop where Shaun buys lunch almost every day. We also featured the business on this episode of our previous podcast. - 28:19

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