Episode 192: Wire Taps—A GMAT Retake, the Importance of Being ‘Seasoned’, Life After an HBS Ding

Alex and Graham take a peek at the recently published Class of 2023 student profiles for Wharton and Berkeley (while revisiting a continuing debate about how schools use GMAT and GRE scores). For the WireTaps portion of the show, our hosts tackle three candidates and three key admissions lessons: the importance of taking standardized tests more than once if you fall short the first time around, the true value of work experience in MBA admissions (and why it can be a bad move to apply too early), and finally, the true meaning of a rejection (without interview) from HBS. This episode was recorded in Hell's Kitchen, NY and Cornwall, England. It was produced by talented multi-instrumentalist Dennis Crowley in 'always sunny' Philadelphia. Please remember to rate and review the show wherever you listen!

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