Episode 174: Admissions Director Q&A—Blair Mannix of The Wharton School

Learn the ins & outs of MBA admissions at the Wharton School! Director of Admissions Blair Mannix joins Graham for a deep dive into admissions at Wharton and much more. How does the adcom read applications? How do the Team-Based Discussions work? Who should apply through Advance Access? How is COVID-19 impacting campus visits, class instruction or anything else? Blair answers these questions and more, while also sharing a handful of tidbits about her own journey to admissions. This episode was recorded in Paris, France and Philadelphia, PA. It was produced by Dennis Crowley in West Philadelphia. Please remember to rate and review the podcast wherever you listen, and to visit www.clearadmit.com for free profile reviews, essay topic analyses, and to join a thriving community of fellow MBA applicants!

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