Episode 162: Wire Taps—Reapplication Strategy, Casting too Wide a Net, and Decision Dilemmas

This week, Alex and Graham travel to Southeast Asia while touting a review from a listener in Thailand and evaluating a Malaysian applicant who needs a reapplication strategy (and who apparently likes cooking while tuning into WireTaps). They then turn their attention to a consultant in NYC who needs a bit of a confidence boost due to a below-average GPA (and who apparently listens to WireTaps in the shower). Shifting gears, our hosts dig into a dilemma from a candidate with admissions offers from Vanderbilt ($92K), Georgetown ($20K), and Georgia Tech (~$20K). The dilemma? This candidate has an aversion to landing in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic, is drawn to the big-city advantages of Atlanta, has a partner in Nashville, and some warm & fuzzies for the Owen folks they have met. This episode also marks the official kick-off for the 2021-22 application cycle, as HBS announces deadlines and an essay prompt. Finally, if you have an offer to attend business school this fall, please take a moment to complete our admitted students survey: http://bit.ly/MBAadmitsurvey. This episode was recorded in Paris, France and Cornwall, England. It was produced by Dennis Crowley in West Philadelphia. Our sponsor is Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business. Please remember to rate and review this podcast wherever you listen, or to at least tell a friend to tune in!

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