Exit Scam and Nail Bomber: Manhunt

The sudden death of Gerald Cotten left Bitcoin owners in the lurch, because no one else had the password that controlled the hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency. In the “Exit Scam,” host Aaron Lammer asks did this missing Crypto-King take a fortune to his grave...or take it on the run? FOR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "EXIT SCAM" GO TO 35:30 A series of 1999 bombings rocked London’s Black and gay neighborhoods. Can a regular chap-turned-spy find the neo-Nazi behind the attacks? We’ll talk about Netflix’s “Nail Bomber: Manhunt.” FOR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "NAIL BOMBER: MANHUNT" GO TO 1:08:00 In crime of the week: I want my mullet back. Click here to get the Crime Writers On After Show, plus more exclusive content, on Patreon.: https://patreon.com/partnersincrimemedia See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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