Root and Ritual — Becca Piastrelli

There are a lot of things wrong with the way we live our lives. While the average American spends 90 percent of their day indoors, we continue to feel completely disconnected from our food sources, and are lonelier than ever, especially in light of this pandemic.

My guest Becca Piastrelli, author of a new book Root & Ritual, believes we can offset some of this modern angst by “rewilding” and reclaiming the natural part of ourselves. Becca is a friend, writer, speaker, ancestral folk medicine keeper, and women’s group facilitator. I’m thrilled to share her journey and work with you!

In this episode, Becca describes how she grew up with an ache of unbelonging, and an inner knowledge that there had to be more to life than what she was taught by her family and the patriarchal, convenience-driven society within which she was raised. Acknowledging that change is very difficult, she shares her thoughts on connecting with our ancestry, navigating the pandemic, and handling grief.

Her book Root & Ritual which I highly recommend offers practical wisdom, processes, and recipes for reconnecting with land, lineage, and community.

Tune in today to learn more about her work that embracing old ways can make our modern lives feel significantly better.

• Becca shares the anxiety she experienced growing up, and why she developed impostor syndrome at a young age.
• The four parts which make up Becca’s book, Root and Ritual.
• How Becca’s relationship with nature has evolved over time.
• Different meanings that rewilding can hold.
• Obstacles to rewilding that exist in our society.
• The value that Becca believes lies in embracing ancestral ways of living.
• Everyday experiences which highlight how disconnected we are from nature.
• What Becca’s life currently looks like, and how she plans to change it.
• The importance of human connection, which we are losing.
• Becca shares her thoughts on navigating different opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine.
• Our “great severing” from our ancestors.
• A process Becca went through to rebuild lost ties to her ancestry.
• Personal challenges that Becca has gone through, and her method of dealing with them.
• Becca’s relationship with shame.
• The long journey that is rewilding.
• What Becca is currently reclaiming.


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