Exploring Sexual Integrity

Steven Davidson is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sex Therapist in Fort Lauderdale. He is known as the Sexual Integrity Coach and has over 30 years of experience working with couples. He is also the author of Sexual Integrity. In this week's episode, Steven shares why it's so important to communicate your actual desires instead of keeping them secret from your partner. When Steven coaches men addicted to chemsex, he understands an underlying problem goes beyond the drugs; they're struggling with connection, intimacy, and bonding. Find out more on this week's episode.



[1:40] How does Steven define sexual integrity? 

[3:15] Sexualty  doesn’t just happen at puberty. It develops throughout our early childhood. 

[5:30] There was a lot of toxic messaging around same sex attraction and it brings a lot o shame for those who fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. 

[7:20] Today, things are a little bit more open in how people can express their sexuality, but the work is still not done. 

[10:05] Did you know that it wasn't until 1967 that people of different races could marry each other? 

[13:20] Chemsex is unfortunately much more prevalent in Florida than in Tennessee. 

[16:35] Steven helps men define what their sexual preferences are, and uncover why they feel they need to be 'under the influence' in order to enjoy it. 

[20:45] Sex is a big part of how we connect with other people and how we bond with other people. In order for us to really connect, we have to be honest about our own kinks, fetishes, and desires. 

[24:20] Couples often keep secrets from each other about the bedroom and what they like. They're afraid of talking about it. Steven helps remove that stigma. 

[27:15] We are not good at repressing our sexual drives, and being in denial doesn't stop our desires.




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  • “For me, integrity is about being authentic, transparent, walking your talk, and being honest. Sexual integrity is about being honest about who you are as a sexual being and being respectful of who other people are.” 
  • “In childhood, we don't really think of children as sexual beings, but our sexuality starts forming in utero. In utero, there are things that are happening that influence our gender and our sexual orientation.” 
  • “Sexuality is innate. It's not something that's avoidable. We're designed to be sexual beings.”

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