How To Prepare for Rotations

The PANCE blueprint has a lot of topics to study, so how do you know what to focus on?

We haven't ever claimed to be the best students in the world, but you can gain from both our procrastination and our experience as preceptors over the last 14 years: Learn the basics. Know the easy stuff: 3 options for treating nausea, most likely causes of postoperative fever...don't swing for the fences and learn obscure pimp questions. Those might get you some props in the moment, but the best students (who we later pursue for jobs) are the ones who get the big picture.

Google search the "Top conditions diagnosed in _____________ (insert rotation name here)" and you'll quickly see what you can focus on for your rotation. Get a solid understanding of those and you'll make a good impression. Yes, you have to learn it all for the PANCE exam, but as your rotation draws near, you'll feel crunched for time - learning a good foundation of the most common things you'll be seeing will absolutely help you out.

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