S2 / E96 Behind His Badge: Stalking Lucy

Lucy is a police officer who was stalked by a fellow police officer — her ex-husband. Lucy began dating a handsome senior law enforcement officer and became engaged only one month into their relationship.   After the two got married, Lucy discovered her then-husband routinely making aggressive calls to her male colleagues to interrogate them about their relationship with her. During their marriage he falsely accused her of cheating to cover up his own infidelities and seized control of her financial records. After Lucy managed to leave, her ex-husband threatened her family with violent phone calls, followed her home, and tried to run her off the road. Even though Lucy was a police officer, no one believed her when she came forward. She was labeled a “troublemaker" after begging to be transferred to another precinct, and then told by her boss to sort her personal life out. DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN STORY TO SHARE? E-MAIL US strictlystalkingpod@gmail.com RATE US As a listener of Strictly Stalking please leave a review and rate us FIVE STARS on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/strictly-stalking/id1494237083 CHECK OUT OUR PATREON:

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