Ep 143: Planning and Paper Planners (with Sarah Hart-Unger)

We're in the home stretch of 2021 and plans for 2022 are starting to take shape. So I am so excited to welcome Sarah Hart-Unger to the show to talk about planning (rituals, philosophies, and more) and planning tools (paper planners, apps, and books). 

Planning and productivity is a side hobby of mine, but Sarah Hart-Unger is much more of an expert. She's a doctor, a mom, a blogger, and has not one but TWO podcasts on these topics. You can find her blogging daily at TheShuBox.com and on her podcast Best Laid Plans (all about planning tools) and as a cohost with Laura Vanderkam on Best of Both Worlds (all about time management and work/life balance). 

We had a great conversation about ALL of these things, which left me excited for the year ahead in both work and family life. 


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