chatting iconic reality tv | Love is Blind, Real Housewives, Jersey Shore & more!!

Sierra Schultzzie, Riayn Christina, & Paloma Malfavon reminisce about their first reality tv experiences, iconic shows & share their current fav reality shows!


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The Group Chat @ (917) 810-3045

0:19 intro

1:54 P's "1,000" subscribers

3:41 The Group Chat

6:01 First experiences

*6:47 brief mention of drug & alcohol addiction

7:25 Memory lane

*12:08 Photo reference from the show “Next” 

12:22 resume memory lane

16:53 Jersey Shore was a cultural reset

20:35 The Kardashians 

*24:28 Kim & Kourtney fight reference photo 

28:16 Behind the scenes

29:40 Has reality tv reached its peak?

32:55 Dance Moms

36:22 Love is Blind

45:07 Stephen is a Property Brother??

49:19 throwback!

53:32 speaking to animals

55:10 current reality tv obsessions

59:40 Survivor, Fear Factor, Wipe Out!

1:04:27 Are You the One?

1:10:27 If you’re trying to get into Survivor….

1:15:28 outro
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