How to SLAY the Inner Game and Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Dream Come True with Kalyn Romaine

Marni welcomes Kalyn Romaine in the Life Check Yourself studio, where they discuss achieving innovative results while still maintaining integrity and compassion. Kalyn is an entrepreneur and an organizational psychologist who empowers individuals to reach their dream careers. The duo talks about what it means to trust your intuition and follow the breadcrumbs to achieve your dream goals. 

Takeaways from this episode:

  • Don’t personalize it 

  • Distractions hinder you

  • What is nice nasty?


Resilience is Key [11:31]

Resilience is needed to build courage and to hear your intuition. The experience of getting to where you need to be will have ups and downs. But not giving up is key. Most people don’t realize that resilience is necessary. It is what gets you to the very end; it’s what helps you build the strength you need. 

Resilience is allowing something to get beat up so that it can be stronger and grow. 


Finding Your Identity [19:02]

Most women, and especially black women, describe their business as a side hustle. Men, however, do not describe it the same. Finding yourself, particularly as a woman, and owning it puts a shift in the way you act. If you have started a business and you start calling yourself a founder, which is what you are, you start having more accountability. 

It made me think of it as a real company and not just something I’m doing. 


Stand in Your Glory [25:20]

Women tend to shy away from taking the credit they deserve. But we need to stand in our glory. When we shy away from it, it diminishes. It inadvertently makes people respect us less. Don’t make yourself small and take the credit you deserve. 

The response was totally different. When you diminish who you are, people see you as common


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