VR Shorts #22: Michael Christopher Brown Returns / Photographer / Documentarian

Respected photojournalist and documentarian Michael Christopher Brown returns to the podcast to talk about his journey in overcoming trauma and PTSD, and the different modalities that have helped him achieve that goal.  We also discuss the recent backlash to some of his work on Skid Row for National Geographic and his thoughts on how we need to come together as a creative community and lift each other up instead of promoting more division.  Make sure to check out Michael's original full length biographical story (Episode #58) to hear about his journey.  During this conversation we have an open and honest discussion about how cancel culture has made it's way into the photography community, the level of civil discourse and communication that is needed today more than ever to truly understand each other's motivations, and the hope he has for this country as we move forward.   To Learn More About Michael Christopher Brown Visit: https://michaelchristopherbrown.com And Follow Him on Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/michaelchristopherbrown/ To Learn More About Visual Revolutionary Visit: http://www.visualrevolutionary.com And Follow on Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/visualrevolutionary/  

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