Episode #126: Sofia Jaramillo / Commercial / Editorial / Adventure Photographer / Filmmaker

Commercial, editorial, and outdoor adventure photographer and filmmaker Sofia Jaramillo joins the podcast to talk about how she went from a kid growing up on the slopes of Sun Valley, Idaho to working as a photojournalist in Mexico City, to living in Jackson Hole Wyoming focusing her camera on the outdoor adventure lifestyle she is surrounded by for brands like the North Face and publications ranging from National Geographic to the New York Times.  Sofia found photography at a young age and instantly fell in love with the idea of having the ability to visually communicate to others the way she saw her surroundings.  Throughout her high school and college years, she focused on her craft and moved towards a future in journalism while studying and working for the Yakima Herald in Washington State. But after a stint as a photojournalist in Mexico City, she decided to move to the mountains of Jackson Hole and focus on the lifestyle and adventures that existed there.  Before long she began to get recognition from her peers, as well as from national publications and outdoor brands and has since begun to make a name for herself in the photography industry.  During our conversation we talk about what is was like to recently have the opportunity to represent National Geographic at the winter X Games in Aspen, CO, how she has transitioned into motion with a new film she is currently working on, what it was like to connect with her Latin routes after growing up in the predominantly white culture of a ski town, and the advice that she gives to others chasing their creative dreams in the mountains.   To Learn More About Sofia Jaramillo Visit: http://www.sofiajaramillophoto.com And Follow Her on Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/sofia_jaramillo5/ To Learn More About Visual Revolutionary Visit: http://www.visualrevolutionary.com And Follow On Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/visualrevolutionary/  

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