Episode 113: Sebastian Meyer / Photojournalist, Documentary Photographer, Filmmaker

Award winning photojournalist, documentary photographer, and filmmaker Sebastian Meyer joins the show to talk about how he went from a kid growing up in New York, to spending ten years living in Kurdistan, co-founding the first Iraqi photography agency, and his beautiful new book that documents the journey and the people called "Under Every Yard of Sky".  Although Sebastian had a similar experience as so many others that have been on this show before of getting the chance to learn photography in a high school class, it wouldn't be until years later during college while he was studying abroad in France that he would truly fall in love with it.  After seeing some of the photos he was taking during his travels, a friend turned him on to the field of photojournalism and gave him a book on Magnum photographers that would change his life.  Soon enough Sebastian was chasing his own dreams as a photojournalist, and even ended up as an intern at the Magnum photography agency.  After moving to London to try and establish himself as a photographer there, Sebastian was given the opportunity through a friend to travel to Kurdistan on an assignment.  While on assignment, he met who would become his best friend and future business partner Kamaran Najm and the two of them would go on to create something idealistic and amazing in Kurdistan.  During our conversation Sebastian tells me what attracted him to life in the middle east and how he ended up calling Kurdistan home for so long, what it was like trying to build a photo agency, the tragic story of his best friend Kamaran, how he feels about the current state of photojournalism, and the advice he gives to others coming up in the field.   To Learn More About Sebastian Meyer Visit: https://www.sebmeyer.com To Buy a Copy of Under Every Yard of Sky Visit: https://www.sebmeyer.com/bookstore And Follow Him on Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/sebmeyerphoto/ To Learn More About Visual Revolutionary Visit: http://www.visualrevolutionary.com And Follow On Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/visualrevolutionary/  

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