Episode 76: Jake Stangel / Lifestyle and Advertising Photographer

Lifestyle/advertising photographer, and all around nice guy, Jake Stangel joins the podcast to talk about growing up as a creative kid in the suburbs of Maryland and the early influence photography had on his life.  It was an 8th grade general art class that Jake discovered a passion for photography that would set him down a path to enrolling at NYU's Tish school and continuing his education in fine art and photography.  But after growing up in a small town, Jake was overwhelmed by the energy and life that New York City offered and soon realized he was interested in more than just taking pictures.  He switched his studies to focus more on economics and marketing, but after a while found that he needed to find a balance in his life that could also include photography and creativity.  Before long he was working as an assistant and taking the hard earned path that so many before him have traveled, moving up the ranks in the competitive world of photography.  After graduation, he decided he had had enough of New York and needed to re-ground himself closer to nature and moved to Portland where he would begin building the photography career he has become known for today.  During our conversation we get the opportunity to discuss the ever challenging pursuit of finding the right work/life balance, the dangers of comparing yourself to other photographer's images and work ethic, and the importance of establishing and nurturing relationships throughout your career and treating others as you would want to be treated.   To Learn More About Jake Stangel Visit: https://jakestangel.com To Learn More about Visual Revolutionary and To Donate to the Show Visit: http://www.visualrevolutionary.com  

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