Episode 74: Quin Schrock / Adventure, Travel, a Lifestyle Photographer

Adventure, Travel, and Lifestyle Photographer Quin Schrock (aka: @everchanginghorizons ) joins the show to talk about the journey that brought him from a soon to be CPA, to traveling the world non stop with a huge Instagram following and an ever expanding photography portfolio.  As we dive through Quin's past, we talk about his desire to want to stand out and go against the grain at an early age and how that would become a lot of the foundation for a future in creative expression and travel.  Although Quin had built a reputation for non conformity, he soon found himself studying business at college and getting married at a fairly early age. When his young marriage didn't work out, he decided to set out on a bucket list trip to Machu Picchu before settling down to work in accounting.  That trip that would change the course of his future.  Before long, Quin was working as a counselor at a wilderness survival camp and met a girl that would set out on an epic road trip with him, introduce photography into his life, and help create the opportunity for Quin to start an inspiring social media feed dedicated to his travels. During our conversation we talk about how he developed his style of photography, the trips and locations that have inspired him the most, the intersection of photography and social media, and how to nurture a relationship with your audience and stay true to your brand.   To Learn More About Quin Schrock Visit:  http://www.everchanginghorizon.com To Learn More About Visual Revolutionary Visit: http://www.visualrevolutionary.com ***And help support the podcast by donating to the show At** http://www.visualrevolutionary.com/donate/  

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