Episode 67: Dano Pendygrasse/ Photographer / Creative Director / 90s-2000s Snowboard Photographer

Photographer and Creative Director Dano Pendygrasse joins the show to talk about a successful career as a snowboard photographer in what many would consider the golden age of snowboarding (the 90s and early 2000s), and his eventual transition into more of a creative director's role. Growing up in Vancouver as a skateboard kid and ski racer, the transition to snowboarding during the early years of the sport was a no-brainer. After graduating high school and moving to Whistler, Dano found himself at the center of a bourgeoning scene that would soon become one of the epicenters of the snowboard world. Although he had sponsors as a snowboarder and dreams of writing, Dano took the advice of an editor at Snowboarder Magazine to start taking pictures. He quickly realized that the camera was his tool of choice. He landed a job as a senior photographer for Snowboarder and before long found himself shooting with the biggest pros in the business. Over the next couple of decades Dano continued to thrive as a photographer in the snowboarding industry, but soon started to realize he was burning out and needed a new direction. We discuss that transition and what it's meant for his photography. During our conversation we not only get to trace Dano's career, but we get the chance to explore some of the history of the Whistler snowboarding scene in the 90s and the explosion of the snowboard business that he was very much a part of. We also talk about facing burn out, reinvigorating a love for photography, and making a new career transition in a later stage of your life. To Learn More About Dano Pendygrasse Visit: https://danopendygrasse.photoshelter.com/index To Learn More About Perennial Plan Visit: https://www.perennialplan.com   Visit Visual Revolutionary At: http://www.visualrevolutionary.com And Follow on Instagram At: https://www.instagram.com/visualrevolutionary/  

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