Episode 52: Krystle Wright / Adventure Sports and Travel Photographer and Filmmaker

On this episode of the podcast we are joined by adventure sports and travel photographer and filmmaker Krystle Wright.  Recently featured on the other side of the camera on Netflix's original series "Tales by Light", Krystle tells us what it's really like to chase a shot, and the misery involved when it sometimes fails.  She's become a gypsy in her own right, sometimes living out of her car and on other people's couches as she constantly stays on the move and travels from one country to another in search of the next adventure.  During our conversation, she opens up about the pitfalls of that existence and how hard it is to be a solo female always showing up in new locations and trying to carve out a living in a male dominated field.  Although an Australian by birth, Krystle spends a ton of time in the US and has made a name for herself with her beautifully crafted images of rock climbing, free diving, base jumping, skiing, and every other action sport she can get the chance to put her camera in front of.  Throughout our talk, we had the opportunity to chat about how she grew up, when the camera made it's way into her life, her early mentors in photography, and some of the first jobs that would provide the stepping stones of building a photography career that would include some amazing editorial assignments and sponsors from some of the biggest brands in the business.  Although she's still fairly recent to the motion world, she has been a part of multiple filmmaking opportunities and recently debuted her newest film "Where the Wild Things Play" at the Five Points Film Festival.  So sit back and enjoy what Krystle has to say about the trials and tribulations of becoming an adventure photographer, some of the tired stereotypes of female athletes that she is trying to help change with her latest project, and the advice she gives to others setting out on the road with a dream to travel and shoot.   To Learn More About Krystle Wright Visit: http://krystlewright.com     About Visual Revolutionary: http://www.visualrevolutionary.com Because we are interested in people's story, and not what type of gear they use, we introduce a new much needed podcast in the world of photography and filmmaking.  Featuring in-depth conversations with some of the world's leading photographers, filmmakers, and other visual artists, we are bringing you the backstory on how they got to where they are today.      

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