Episode 39: Pete McBride / National Geographic Photographer / Filmmaker / Writer / Speaker

On this episode of the podcast we get the opportunity to speak with National Geographic photographer, filmmaker, and writer Pete McBride.  Pete tells us about growing up on a ranch outside of Aspen, Colorado and the first time he remembers picking up a camera.  From his early days as a kid helping his dad herd cattle, to all the days he spent skiing in the mountains, he felt a calling to study land management and the environment around him.  It was this interest, and trying to write for publications on those topics, that finally led him to photography.  Pete quickly gravitated towards travel, adventure, and expedition work.  He wanted to take photos of the far away places and people he had always dreamed about, but he soon began to become disenfranchised with what he would call "adventure porn" and realized there was a story in his own back yard.  Although he had grown up around the Colorado River, Pete realized how little he really understood about it's history and it's destination.  He soon set out to produce a story about the river which would lead him on a path to becoming what National Geographic would call a "freshwater hero".  Since then, Pete has continued to document rivers, people, places, and the story of the planet, and has inspired many others to look at the world around them a little closer.  During this conversation we got the chance to ask Pete what keeps him from getting burned out, how to present a story and not just photography, why he stayed in Colorado after all the years of travel, and what advice he gives to those dreaming of one day working for National Geographic.  So enjoy our conversation with someone out there helping to tell the stories that need to be told.   To Learn More About Pete McBride Visit: http://www.petemcbride.com   About Visual Revolutionary: http://www.visualrevolutionary.com Because we are interested in people's story, and not what type of gear they use, we introduce a new much needed podcast in the world of photography and filmmaking.  Featuring in-depth conversations with some of the world's leading photographers, filmmakers, and other visual artists, we are bringing you the backstory on how they got to where they are today.  

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