Bad at Sports Episode 101: Jim Duignan/ Stockyard Institute

AMANDA IS BACK!!! Duncan and Amanda talk to Jim Duignan about his current project at the Hyde Park Art Center. Super friend of Bad at Sports (and Director of Exhibitions at the HPAC) Allison Peters is there too! To wit: "Jim Duignan is an artist and founder of the Stockyard Institute, a project that draws attention to the visionary status of youth and people through the arts in a variety of Chicago neighborhoods. Stockyard Institute publishes AREA Chicago Arts, Education, Activism, a biannual publication in Chicago. Jim begins his “residency? at the ArtCenter in preparation for Pedagogical Factory, an exhibition at the Hyde ParkArtCenter in Gallery 1, opening this summer. He’ll be at the ArtCenter on Thursdays in the Second Floor Studios on the west side of the building. Stop in for a chat with Jim to find out more about his project!" and passion are always in fashion....

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