Bad at Sports Episode 88: Art Fair Part Deux!

This week Art Fair Part Deux. In response to blog comments I am attempting something new, and listing the times of the bits. Which I must say is one more damn task to complete for the show, but I'll try it and see if it drives me insane. 0:00-11:25 Intro, overall recap and lots of snotty commentary by Duncan, Amanda, and Richard.  11:40-22:10 Team Browder (Amanda and Dolly Browder) with Susan Hobbs on the Susan Hobbs Gallery. 22:20-29:05 Team Queer Ghetto Bus (Terri, Serena and Meg) talk to folks from the Thomas Robertello Gallery: guests Thomas Robertello , Adam Ekberg ,Lily McElroy, Hybinette + Richards 29:10-34:00 TB talks to artist David Opdyke with RoeblingHallArtGallery and Dolly gives some of the best insight ever! 34:10-37:38 TQGB talks to the Williamsburg based Eyewash Gallery  and Larry Walczak and Paul Kurman. 37:50-46:05 TB talks to Santiago Cucullu with High Point Press about his work. 46:20-49:55 TQGB talks to the delightful artist Anni Holm with Orleans Street Gallery and the art scene in St. CharlesIllinois. 50:05-58:40 Joel Beck Who runs Roebling Hall Gallery who curated the video installation spectacle in the lobby along with Steven Levy. 58:45-1:05:35 TQGB talks about Brittany's va-jay-jay and with the fine folks from the Capla Kesting Gallery: David Kesting, John Leo, Daniel Edwards, Martina Kubinyi 1:05:45-1:14:00 TB Talks to Steve Zavvatero and Heather Marx of The Heather Marx Gallery from San Francisco. Amanda tries to start a knife fight. 1:14:20-1:19:30 The Team Browder wrap up which is a delightful conversation between Amanda and Dolly recapping Dolly's first Art Fair experience. This is my personal favorite moment in the show. 1:19:30-1:22:45 Closing credits and quips, never to be missed. Whew! That was some serious typing for 6 a.m. on a Sunday. Lastly, while looking for a picture for this weeks show, I stumbled upon this link on Anni Holm's site, check out the story and help if you can. Anni should e-mail us so we can have them both on to talk about it.

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