Bad at Sports: Show #7 Bill Gross, Duncan's Show, Depart-ment and more!!!

TEMP SHOW NOTE: Bill Gross, Depart-ment, Duncan MacKenzie and Shannon Stratton at Fraction, and Michael Asher reviewed at last. Okay so this show was edited in a Toyota and in a Holiday Inn in Port Washington Wisconsin. Not our tightest work and we had WAY too much material. Things edited out and that will be worked into future shows include: Bill, Duncan and Richard discussing the current show at the Three Arts Club and the discussion that followed the opening that was lots of complaining, Amanda and Richard discussing a whole bunch of shows and why Gordon Matta-Clark's used Kleenex would probably be brilliant, and Duncan calling for the world to hate Richard as he is evil.Real note to follow soon with appropriate links.65 Grand = wgross@artic.eduSkestos GalleryDEPART-mentMicheal AsherFraction Workspace

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