255: Ireland Week: Making a living in rural Ireland with Cork potters Sara Roberts, Charlie Mahon, and Darren Francis Cassidy

Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with members of the Society of Cork Potters: Sara Roberts, Charlie Mahon, Darren Francis Cassidy. The group started in the 1970’s with the aim to create the exchange of information between ceramic artists working in County Cork. In our interview we talk about making a living in rural Ireland, the value of working with an artist group, and dealing with the effects of the Great Financial Crisis. For more information on Sara visit www.sramics.net. For more information on Charlie visit www.charliemahon.ie. For more information on Darren visit www.darrenfranciscassidy.com.   Hey Red Clay Rambler fans, thanks for listening to this episode and for supporting the show with your donations and iTunes comments. About a year ago I started using Patreon to create a sustaining membership campaign. It has been a great tool to raise funds, but I continue to need your help to meet my operating budget. If you can spare a few dollars a month I ask that you sign up at www.patreon.com/redclayrambler or give a one-time donation through the Pay Pal portal at www.talesofaredclayrambler.com. Every dollar helps, and no donation is too small. Thanks for helping to keep this show on the air!

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