146: Kansas City Urban Potters on the goals of their group

Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have a discussion with the founding members of the Kansas City Urban Potters. The group of seven artists banded together in Kansas City, MO in 2014 with the purpose of expanding “visibility of contemporary studio pottery to local and regional audiences through invitational exhibitions, public lectures and community-based events.” The group includes Chandra Debuse, Jana Evans, Meredith Host, Alex Watson, Erica Iman, Rain Harris and Paul Donnelly. In the interview we talk about the history of KCUP, developing a consensus based decision-making model, and expanding from an annual pop-up shop to a brick and mortar gallery. For more information on KCUP please visit www.kcurbanpotters.com.     This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Sierra Nevada College. Come be inspired by the gorgeous, natural setting of Lake Tahoe, while studying with nationally known artists in a variety of art mediums. This summer continues a tradition of excellence in art education that has been going strong for 32 years. This year’s line up includes Adam Field, Ronan Kyle Peterson, John Toki, Nancy Servis, and many more. I’m also excited to announce that I will be teaching a hands on workshop on Perfect Pouring Pots July 23rd and 24th. To see SNC Tahoe’s full summer schedule please visit www.sierranevada.edu and search for summer workshops.

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