Batman Knightcast 37: BATMAN #253 and #259

Continuing from yesterday's episode of FW Presents, Ryan Daly and Chris Franklin celebrate the 90th anniversary of The Shadow's print debut. On this episode of Batman Knightcast, the fellas showcase BATMAN #253 and #259, both of which guest star The Shadow. Let us know what you think! Leave a comment or send an email to: or Like the BATMAN KNIGHTCAST Facebook page at: This podcast is a proud member of the FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK. Visit our WEBSITE: Follow us on TWITTER – Like our FACEBOOK page – Use our HASHTAG online: #FWPodcasts Subscribe to BATMAN KNIGHTCAST on iTunes: Or subscribe via iTunes as part of the FIRE AND WATER PODCAST: Support BATMAN KNIGHTCAST and the FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK on Patreon: Music from the Batman and Batman Returns original motion picture soundtracks by Danny Elfman. Additional music: “The Shadow Suite" by Jerry Goldsmith; "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship. Thanks for listening!

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