X-Aspirations Ep. 136, The Uncanny X-Men #152, December 1981

X-Aspirations Episode 136 The Uncanny X-Men #152, December 1981 "The Hellfire Gambit" Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by Bob McLeod, Inks by Josef Rubinstein, Lettered by Janice Chiang, Colors by Don Warfield, Edited by Louise Jones, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter. Festival of Comic De-Lights! In Which We Find That You Can't Keep Your Emmas Straight From Your Ororos Without A Program, That Kitty Pryde Does Not Just Wake Up Looking This Good, And That Sebastion Shaw Is One Corset Short Of A Rocky Horror Picture Show! Now That I Really Think About It, It Might just Have Been a Drunk Homeless Man Who Looked Like Adam Sandler... But He Definitely Said It Was Ok! Check us out at www.x-aspirations.com And send us comments at xteam@x-aspirations.com

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