X-Aspirations Ep. 116, The Uncanny X-Men #133, May 1980

X-Aspirations Episode 116 The Uncanny X-Men #133, May 1980 "Wolverine: Alone!" Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by John Byrne, Inks by Terry Austin, Lettered by Tom Orzechowski, Colors by Glynis Wein, Edited by Jim Salicrup, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter Holding On For A Hero Til The End of The Line! In Which We Find That Unlike Folgers, Wolverine Is Not Good To The Last Drop, That Bjork Has Nothing On Moira MacTaggart's Fashion Sense, And That Jean May Have Just Earned Herself ALL The Racial Sensitivity Seminars. To The End of Time! Ironically, Dumb Waiters Are Extremely Thought Provoking! Check us out at www.x-aspirations.com And send us comments at xteam@x-aspirations.com

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